Data Mining/Machine learning

Machine learning is becoming over the modern data-driven world and it is a growing technology among many companies to extensively support many fields, such as search engines, robotics, self-driving cars, and so on. Here in this course you can explore various real-time scenarios where you can use machine learning.

This course will be making you to understand and implement all Machine learning algorithms with exciting examples. Every trainer will be delivering machine learning algorithms followed by practical session. Most importantly you will be learning from trainers Bottom level to Top level all algorithms, such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Principal Component Analysis, Time Series Analysis Deep Neural Networks, and so on. This is going to friendly to Python programmers and data analyzers to play around with the code to implement machine learning techniques.

Course Details

First Course: Machine Learning with Python Course

PythonMachine LearningML and Adaptive Intelligence
FundamentalsGetting Started in Machine LearningModeling Relationships Between Variables Using Regression
ListsUnderstanding the Machine Learning WorkflowUnderstanding Simple Regression Models
FunctionsAsking the Right QuestionImplementing Simple Regression Models in Python
PackagesPreparing Your DataUnderstanding Multiple Regression Models
NumpySelecting Your AlgorithmImplementing Multiple Regression Models in Python
MatplotLibTraining the ModelDecision Trees
Dictionaries & PandasTesting Your Model’s AccuracySupport Vector Machine
Control flow and FilteringK-Means & Hierarchical Clustering
Case Study: Hacker StatisticsContent-Based Recommender Systems